Mr. Yoshida, a member of the Comprehensive Course, got 6th Dan in Aichi on November 15th.


Mr. Yoshida, a member of the Comprehensive Course, got 6th Dan in Aichi on November 15th.
Mr. Yoshida has just returned to Japan from Germany. While he was in Germany, he participated in the practice online every month.

Below is the report from Mr. Yoshida on BAND.
Okada-sensei, thank you very much for your strict guidance so that I do not compromise. Also, thank you to the Shodokan senseis and everyone who gave me training and words of encouragement at the Haku Un Kai just prior to the grading.

At last week's Haku Un Kai, I had an opportunity to practice Tachiai in a short period of time, and Okada Sensei first gave me advice on how to dress, the length of my men's string, and that my monomi was not correct. He also instructed me that I didn't have enough Ki and that technically I should swing the shinai firmly with my left hand. I paid attention to these points, practiced twice this week and went for the examinations with these points in mind.

Today, I had Tachiai with two people of similar stature to myself. I was glad that I did not hesitate. I stood up from Sonkyo (crouching position), started to produce my voice, delivered my Ki, got in the Ma-ai, and took advantage of the opportunity. The fact that I was able to do both of these things in both Tachiai is considered a good thing. I was able to capture the part of my opponent's men, but unfortunately, I don't think it was a powerful enough strike (as I felt). This is a proof that I am not swinging with my left hand, and that Transfering "Ki" and Coordination of the Body weren not being transmitted to the striking. After the first strike, I was also not able to capture my opponents including Kaeshi-do, so I will work on increasing the number of techniques as my future goal.
When I called Okada-sensei to report my passing, he already gave me a big challenge to pass the 7-dan test at the first try. I will continue to practice hard so that I can greatly develop my view of kendo through the examination. Thank you for your continued support.

He has received congratulatory comments on this post not only from the members but also from Okada Sensei.

Congratulations again on your promotion to 6th dan, Mr.Yoshida.