Online Free Conversation was held on Oct 22nd, 2023.


Online Free Conversation was held on Oct 22nd, 2023.
On Sunday the 22nd, we hosted an online free conversation starting from 8:00 p.m., Eight Comprehensive Course members attended.

We asked two participants to facilitate the event and had a lively conversation.
It was a very productive event with various different topics.

Here are some of the topics discussed during the free conversation.

◯Talk about the monthly magazine "Hiden" (from Okada Sensei about the article, the episode of the Youtube video, etc., about the Do that Okada Sensei wore on the cover, and about the historical value of the photo on the upper left of page 17)

◯About the correction by the right hand Men and the Sashi-men

We also shared what the participants are working on.
・Morning practice at Osaka Shodokan
・Joining Shodokan after returning to Japan
・Teaching and training situation in New Zealand
・Practicing for matches
・Balancing Iaido and Kendo
・Teaching junior high school students and their career paths
・Use of Shinogi
・The situation of training in Andorra
・Benefits of practicing Sashi-men

We would like to continue to hold these sessions on a regular basis.
We look forward to your participation.