The 25th Haku Un Kai on Sep 23rd


The 25th Haku Un Kai on Sep 23rd
We had the 25th Haku Un Kai with Shodokan members.

From the warm-up exercise to the basic striking, Okada-sensei talked about "conduction" and "interlocking". How to conduct Ki from the waist and tanden to the left fist, Shinai, and the tip of the sword? He used the word "conduction" to describe this. We were able to confirm once again that the movement of the left fist when lifting the sword up embodies this "conduction". We were instructed to visualize the image of "conduction" as a movement.
"Interlocking" means how to move the shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, and other joints in a continuous motion. The term "interlocking" was very effective in helping us to break down and understand a series of movements again.
In the basic practice and Jigeiko that followed, which centered on the striking Men, we always kept "conduction" and "interlocking" in the center of our consciousness as we practiced.