March 25th Monthly Haku Un Practice "Learning how to utilize the body"


March 25th Monthly Haku Un Practice
The 19th Hakuunkai was held at Shodokan on Saturday, March 25.
Three salon members joined the practice with Shodokan members for basic practice with video instruction, followed by Ji-geiko, which ended after 9:30 p.m.
The training started at 6:00 p.m. and was full of energy and enthusiasm.

First, we warmed up with basic practice.
After that, the main theme of the training was the practical practice, in which each participant recorded his or her own Men-uchi, and then reviewed and verified the recorded video with Okada sensei's advice.
Using an app that plays back the recorded video with a 15-second delay, each student checked his or her own reflection on the screen after striking Men against the opponent.

From the stance, you must fully apply your Ki with big voice, attack trying to keep the center, hold yourselves (having Tame), utilize body control, and strike. We used our hands to strike with the best possible accuracy and Zanshin, turned around to face the opponent, and struck with the best possible Men until the next Men was ready to be struck.

We took videos from right beside the participants and checked on the big screen on the wall. The system of automatic playback with a 15-second delay is quite impressive. Your own image is replayed at just the right moment after you have just struck the first Men. Even if you think you have "got it" in your mind, the image is cruel and shows a far different (in my personal opinion) performance from the image you have in your mind.

The playback speed can be slowed down to 0.1x, 0.5x, etc., to get a better idea of the details of the movement. Okada sensei will point out the problems, and you will think about your own issues.
What is not working? What could have been done better?
By seeing yourself as you are now, you will be able to clarify your issues, try to correct them, and try to hit a better Men next time.

How do you face your own current situation, which the video eloquently describes, in other words, your current kendo?
We believe this was Okada Sensei's question to the participants during this training. Okada-sensei gave us guidance especially on "body operation" as an issue common to all of us. He explained to us that we should "start from the body," "not move from the end of the body (hands and feet)," and "if you prepare to move your body from your hands and feet before striking, you will not be able to strike immediately when the opponent strikes.

Yesterday, while being overcome by the eloquence of the video, we were impressed by the convenience of the video.
It was great to be able to review the video immediately after 15 seconds, in terms of learning, and to be able to work on correcting ourselves while the actions we took and the thoughts we had at that time were still fresh in our mind.

* Okada sensei will use this app to for teaching on a regular basis.
We will upload the practice video as soon as possible, so please take a look.