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Comprehensive Course

Comprehensive Course
[Basic Course
+Online lecture & Practical training
  • Including Basic Course[Kendo Innovation Labo]and,Lecture & Practical training, Online salon. You can save 400 yen from the total amount of each subject.
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Subject Selection※1

Course Fee Registeration
Basic Course[Kendo Innovation Labo]Mandatory
Lesson Movie, Member report, Library, Column Keisho
Lecture & Practical trainingOption※2, ※3
*Must be combined with Basic course.
Online SalonOption※2, ※3
*Must be combined with Basic course.
  • * 1 If you would like to select and take only some subjects, please apply from here.
  • * 2 "Lecture & Practical Training" and "Salon" cannot be taken alone. Please be sure to apply in combination with the basic course (=Kendo Innovation Laboratory).
  • *3 If you are a Basic Course member and would like to add an elective, please follow the procedure for one elective by clicking on the Apply for elective button above. If you wish to add both, please contact us by clicking on the contact button below.


Term Course Fee Registeration
Latter period
Course4 :International Kendo Extension Theory 5,000JPY/Course
Latter period
Course5 :Kendo competitiveness improvement coaching theory 5,000JPY/Course
  • A short-term correspondence course will be opened for anyone to watch, even if they are not enrolled at the Academy.


Haku Un only for General Course Members (3,800JPY/month)

Haku Un Community

We provide lesson of Okada 8th Dan, with question and answer session, by using web conferencing tool and communication apps.

Online video lectures and practical training

Practical training, too!

Regular lectures

Okada-sensei's lectures delivered once every month. The lectures weave together literature from the Shodokan's collection and current topics in the Kendo world to explore the essence of the sword. After the lecture, the participants will be able to watch a demonstration of Shodokan training and have time for a Q&A session. The lecture will be archived for later viewing, so you can watch it even if you are unable to attend on the day.

Practical training

Basically, a training session for members is held once a month to provide an opportunity for training. Based at Shodokan in Tokyo, training sessions are also held in other parts of Japan and abroad. Members can receive direct instruction in the know-hows that is shown online on a daily basis, and can also deepen their friendship with other members. The practice sessions can also be viewed with streamed live or with recording at a later date.

Online Salon

Group Communication and lectures.
One-on-one coaching session by President Okada, too!

With the Academy President Okada as advisor, it is an interactive learning community on the web via a groupware application. Active communication is taken place where the members can exchange opinions and answers to the questions they have in their daily practice, and exchange opinions between the members on their own posted practice videos of themselves. In addition to open discussions, it is also possible to ask questions individually (one-on-one coaching session) with President Okada.

Basic Course
[Kendo Innovation Labo]needed


The essence of the techniques and theories handed down by the Shodokan (Tokyo), which is still active today based on the principles of the direct teachings of Goro Saimura, is condensed and taught on video using the latest digital tools.


Members contribute for the articles irregularly on topics such as "Dan promotion", "competition", "restarting Kendo", "coaching boys and girls", "lifelong Kendo", "tool making", etc., in line with the objectives of their own Kendo.


Historical material from the Laboratory's collection is archived and made available as a digital library of “Tachi-Ai” photographs and videos of old masters and books of high documentary value that can be viewed.

Column Kei-Sho

Under the title Kei-Sho '稽照' (稽古照今), President Morimasa Okada writes about a wide range of topics from the teachings of his predecessors to current events in the Kendo world, from a variety of perspectives and themes.

Short-term Correspondence Course[Web]

※Lecture in Japanese only.

Live lectures on Zoom + Archived viewing (viewed from the website, valid for 6 months)

First semester (May~September)

Individually held (each course) once a month, 60minutes x 5 times as 1 set (Friday evening classes)

First semester (May~September)

  • Course1 :Kendo Basic Course(For high school and university students.)
        *Learn the basic knowledge for studying Kendo as an academic discipline.
  • Course2 :Practical Theory of Kendo Competitiveness Improvement (For high school & university students)
        *Learn to be mindful and practical in improving competitiveness in Kendo.
  • Course3:Kendo promotion examination Challenge (for those eligible to take the examination)
        *Learn how to teach kendo in order to improve competitiveness in the field of kendo instruction.

Second semester (November~March)

  • Course4 :International Kendo Extension Theory (for instructors) 
        *Think about the international spread of Kendo culture and learn how it should be done.
  • Course5 :Kendo competitiveness improvement coaching theory (for instructors)
        *Learn how to teach Kendo in order to improve competitiveness in the field of Kendo teaching.


  • Haku Un, an online school specializing in kendo, is a place where you can learn kendo through the contents of online members only.
  • The tuition fee (paid monthly) is 1,800 yen (tax included) / month for the required Kendo Innovation Institute, and 1,200 yen (tax included) / month for the elective courses "Salon" and "Course".You can't apply for the elective courses "Salon" and "Course" only. If you apply for the comprehensive course (all 2 types of required courses and elective courses), the total amount will be discounted by 400 yen (tax included) to 3,800 yen (tax included) / month.
  • The short-term correspondence course of the auditor system is 5,000 yen (tax included) / course with a lump sum payment. Members of the basic program are offered a discount of -1,000 yen (tax included).
  • You can choose to pay your monthly tuition fees automatically from your credit card, bank account, or debit card using the PayPal payment service.
  • If you would like to create a new PayPal account, you can register here.
  • After completing the payment procedure, you will receive a user ID and password setting email at the email address you registered when you made the PayPal payment.
  • As a general rule, payment for required courses and elective courses will be automatically settled on the same date of each month when the membership is settled.
  • The research results of this institute are confidential information that is kept secret. Only those who can keep confidential without leaking information to non-members can join.
  • If there is an act that greatly disturbs the order of the institute, such as operation and defamation to specific members, vandalism, information leakage, etc., we may be forced to drop out.
  • After the enrollment procedure, you will be officially enrolled by participating in the member-only communication tool "BAND".
  • If you do not have a BAND account, you will need to register as a new member.
  • Please register your BAND account with your real name.

Withdrawal rules and other precautions

  • If you would like to drop out, please contact us here.
  • After receiving your request for withdrawal, we will process your withdrawal within approximately 7 days.

    * If you wish to withdraw from school just before the automatic withdrawal date, it may be processed the following month. Please note.

  • * Please be sure to read the terms of usebefore joining.