Everything started with our great-grandfather “Goro Saimura ”.
He is one of only five people in the history of Kendo to have been awarded the 10th dan.
He was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, trained as a first term student at the Dai Nihon Butokukai martial arts teacher training school, and worked for many institutions before and after the war serving as a Shihan Master (Metropolitan Police Department, Kokushikan, Waseda University, Imperial Police Department, Nihon University, Asia University, etc.) trained up his students and left a great mark on the modern world of Kendo.

We are considering to honor his great great-grandfather, the kenshi Goro Saimura, and would like to ensure to preserve and disseminate widely into the world, his spirit in pursuit of the essence of Kendo, which the late great-grandfather carried on.
The name 白雲 HakuーUn, comes from the dojo 'Hakuunkan’ which Goro Saimura is said to have built in the garden of his house in Setagaya, Tokyo, as his training ground.
The Academy has welcomed as its head with the Shodokan's third president, Morimasa Okada, 8th Dan, who is the current 3rd successor of the 85-year-old tradition Shodokan, and the grandson of Morihiro Okada Hanshi Master who founded Shodokan and studied under and was trained by Goro Saimura in the Metropolitan Police Department. We will provide content and the community space for spreading and improving Kendo, based on the teachings of Saimura Goro, which have been passed down through three generations of the Okada family.

『齋村五郎先生の教訓』岡田守弘著 - 「現代剣道百家箴」-

岡田守弘著 齋村五郎先生の教訓『現代剣道百家箴』より


打太刀(右) 斎村五郎範士 - 仕太刀(左) 持田盛二範士