Regarding service content

  • Please let me know what kind of service it is.

    Comrades gathered at the online school , and Morihiro Okada (Kendo, Iaido Hanshi), who was directly taught by Goro Saimura (Hanshi 10th Dan), passed it on to the three generations. Under the supervision and guidance of Hachidan, this is a place to explore the swordsmanship by making full use of the latest digital technology.

    • Regular video distribution and distribution of Okada Principal ’s column "Rehearsal" (every other week)
    • Report on the themes that each member worked on
    • Digital reference room where you can browse images and documents of old landlords
    • Research discussions within the community
      And individual question and answer (using BAND)
    • Lectures and regular lessons (about once a month)
    • Implementation of "practical training session"
  • Does this site support foreign languages?
    • The column has been translated into English. (The English version will be delivered 2-3 weeks later.)
    • We deliver videos with English subtitles about once a month.
    • Communication in BAND and ZOOM is basically done in Japanese, but simultaneous interpretation is provided for overseas.
  • Can even beginners participate?
    Yes, the members are widely used from the first dan to the seventh dan. You can get the appropriate advice for each level.
  • Is it possible to see the contents of each curriculum as a trial?
    By registering as a free member, you can watch some contents of each curriculum for free. Please register as a free member by clicking the button below.
  • What is the content of the "column"?
    By registering as a free member, you can browse the titles of columns and some articles for free. Please register as a free member by clicking the button below.
  • What can we do at the "Salon"?
    In addition to information on events such as new videos, column information, rehearsals, and regular lectures, questions and answers to the director Okada, commentary advice from the principa Okada on posting his own rehearsal videos, discussions based on the theme definition of the principal Okada, Communication between members is being actively developed every day.
  • What is the content of the "course"?
    Lectures on the history and attitude of Kendo by the Okada principal, a treasured video introduction of the famous games of the landlords of the Showa period, and the practice pattern of Okada principal at the Shodokan will be delivered.In addition to regular lectures, you can also see the archive.
  • Is it possible to ask the principal Okada directly about questions that I want to keep secret from other members ?
    In addition to discussions within the group, the group communication tool "BAND" enables individual communication with principal Okada.

Regarding the contract

  • Please let me know how do I pay the subscription fee?
    You can choose the way to pay the monthly membership fee by using the PayPal payment service, credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.
  • Is the contract period fixed?
    It is not specified and will continue until you cancel the membership. You can cancel at any time you want . It takes 2-3 days to unsubscribe. There is no daily refund and withdrawals will be suspended from the following month. If you cancel the contract 2-3 days before the contract date, the withdrawal may be suspended two months after the next month.
  • Is it possible to make a group contract?
    Yes, you can also sign up as a school club or enthusiast. Please tell us the details from the inquiry form.
  • Is there a fixed date for withdrawal of monthly membership fees?
    The first paypal settlement date will be the monthly withdrawal date. If weekends overlap, it will be ahead of schedule. (Ex: If the first payment is made on April 10th, the payment will be made on the 10th of every month.